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Navigating Nexus, Published in the November 2010 Issue of the Journal of Accountancy

Nexus, nexus, nexus, aahhhh, NEXUS! The mere word can send a chill down the spine of a taxpayer who suspects its activities in a state may have created that sufficient “connection” or “tie” to subject him to a state’s income or other business tax, or to be subject to a state’s sales tax collection requirement.

Yes indeed, “nexus can be a hidden danger for a company with a multistate presence”.

I invite you to read “Navigating Nexus“, an article co-authored by me and my colleague, Diana DiBello. Navigating Nexus was published in the November 2010 issue of the Journal of Accountancy. In Navigating Nexus, Diana and I discuss the various types of nexus, recent developments in the nexus landscape, and offer suggestions on how to chart a course through the treacherous nexus water.

About my co-author: Diana DiBello, is the Director of Product Development for SpeedTax, a provider of sales and use tax compliance software solutions.

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