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The Internet Sales Tax Weekly is Now Available

Today, June 28th, I expanded by “publishing” responsibilities by creating a new on-line paper, The Internet Sales Tax Weekly, a compilation of news stories on Internet Sales Tax developments (e.g., the Marketplace Fairness Act, Amazon Laws). If you’re active on social media, like I am, you’ve likely seen the many daily/weekly papers in which interesting news stories shared on Twitter are brought together into an on-line newsletter format. (I use the word “publishing” lightly because Paper.li, the platform on which these papers are created does a lot of the work for the publisher.)  Beginning this week, I’ll be sharing the Internet Sales Tax Weekly here at The State and Local Tax “Buzz.” The paper is permanently embedded into this post, and will update automatically every week.  In future weeks, I’ll also publish a post where I’ll add my own commentary on some of the significant stories brought in that week. So, below is the embedded version of The Internet Sales Tax Weekly. (Note, click on the title to read the entire paper).

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