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Have You Noticed My Blog Roll? Other Tax Blogs to Visit

Okay, not necessarily a State and Local Tax update, but hopefully valuable information non-the-less.

If you’ve read my “About the State and Local Tax ‘Buzz’ ” page, you know that one of my goals for the “Buzz” blog is to provide helpful links and relevant information; I would like for this blog to be more of a State and Local Tax Resource, not just a typical blog.  For those of you that are fellow bloggers, you know the effort involved in constantly maintaining and updating your blog.  Yes, it can time consuming!  But I love writing!  I love being a State and Local Tax professional!  And I love sharing the latest developments in State Taxes and helping others understand how these developments may impact their business.

On my right side-bar, you’ll see a variety of information, including social media “share” icons (to allow you to share the blog), general information about and links to other sites I write for, my last 10 twitter updates, a little bit about myself, etc.  Also in this right side-bar section is “My Blog List“, a listing of various other blogs I follow. Whether you’re a subscriber to the “The State Tax and Local Tax ‘Buzz’ ” or just happened to make your way to the “Buzz” today, I invite you to review the blogs I’ve listed in “My Blog List”.  I’m following some great blogs, including the “TaxGirl” blog, written by Kelly Phillips Erb, who shares her humorous take on taxes for Forbes.com; “SALT Online“, an excellent technical SALT blog produced by the SALT group at Sutherland, Ashbill and Brennan;  fellow Texan Kay Bell’s “Don’t Mess With Taxes” blog, another lively tax blog covering a variety of tax issues;  “Sales Tax Insight” blog, an excellent sales tax specific blog produced by Bellatoris Consulting; “Escheatable“blog, which focuses on unclaimed property issues – an important state tax topic that doesn’t received adequate coverage; “TaxConnex Sales Tax” blog”, which focuses on sales tax outsourcing solutions; “BNA State Tax” blog, another excellent technically focused blog produced by the premier tax research firm, BNA; “Dow Lohnes Price Tax” blog which focuses on a variety of state tax issues, and the “SalesTaxSupport” blog where I cover e-Commerce and Internet Sales Tax issues.

These are just a few of the excellent tax blogs on my blog list, there are more on the list, plus many more I have yet to discover.  Do you, your firm, or your company have a blog which covers state tax issues? I’d love to hear about your blog and add it to my blog list. Primarily, I’m interesting in added more blogs that cover any area of State and Local Tax, e.g., income/franchise, sales & use tax, credits & incentives, state employment tax, abandoned/unclaimed property.  As I mentioned before, one goal for the “Buzz” is that it becomes a resource filled, not just with new developments, but additional SALT resources.

Again, I encourage you to visit the blog sites I’ve listed.  Notice that I’ve included a “snipet” of the most recent post in each blog to help readers identify which blogs peak their interest.  And again, if you have SALT blog you’d like to have listed in my blog roll, please let me know by e-mailing directly at sylviadion@verizon.net or posting the link in a comment to this post. (Because I moderate all comments before posting, your blog may not be listed immediately.)

I look forward hearing about your blog!

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