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The State and Local Tax “Buzz” is now on iShade

The State and Local Tax “Buzz” is now on iShade.  What’s iShade you ask? iShade is the Accounting Profession Online – a free on-line community where accountants from across the country and around the globe can gather, collaborate, interact and continue to develop themselves both personally and professionally.
On iShade you’ll find tools and resources (whitepapers, survey’s, technical writings, etc.), special interest groups, access to high quality CPE courses and workshops, the ability to create your own network by inviting other iShade members to connect, and access to the iShade faculty – a team of some of the brightest, most-respected and sought-after figures in the profession.
You’ll also find an extensive blog section – more than seventy of the best known accounting/finance/tax focused blogs written by some of the best known bloggers in the profession, such as; Leverage SALT (Brian Strahle), 21stCentury Taxation (Annette Nellen), The SEC Auditor (Joel Ungar), CPA Success, Legislative Insider (Bill Sheridan), and CPA Trendlines (Rick Telberg), just to name of few.
And now you’ll also find The State and Local Tax “Buzz”within the iShade blogs!

If you’re a frequent visitor or subscriber to The State and Local Tax “Buzz”, you’ll notice that nothing has changed. I’ll still be reporting on State and Local Tax (“SALT”) developments and providing practical SALT guidance, and all of my blog posts and blog pages will still appear in the “Buzz” unchanged.

If you’re viewing the The State and Local Tax “Buzz” in iShade, you’ll see the exact same blog posts that I publish on the Google blogger platform. This is because iShade will pull in my published posts and replicate them on iShade the next day.
Keep in mind when viewing my posts in iShade, you’ll occasionally need to link over to The State and Local Tax “Buzz”site to see additional content, such as information in a side-bar text box or in one of my blog pages. For the convenience of iShade readers, I’ll note at the end of each post when a visit to The State and Local Tax “Buzz” is suggested.

I look forward to providing you the “Buzz” on State and Local Taxes – here at The State and Local Tax “Buzz”, and now on iShade too!


  •  “Buzz” readers: If you’re viewing this post in The State and Local Tax “Buzz” and want to learn more about iShade or become a member, click here-> iShade

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